Thai SCG Chemicals Company Has Introduced to the Market Compostable Plastics

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The Thai SCG Chemicals Company is suggesting the government department to advocate consumers to use compostable plastics so as to encourage enterprises to invest the commercial products of this industry.
SCG Polyolefins Company is a subordinate company of SCG Chemicals Company which is specialized in producing compostable plastics. The general manager of this company Yuttana Jiamtragan commented that the compostable plastic products are environment friendly. However, the current consuming level is still low. The price of the compostable plastic products is three or four times higher than the price of general plastics.
Different from the general plastic products, the compostable plastic products are made of biological raw materials and can be disposed into compost.
Yuttana pointed out that the demand for compostable plastics in global market is constantly increasing because the consumers are gradually attaching importance to environmental and natural products. The demand of global market for compostable plastic products will increase at an annual rate of fifteen percent and the production amount will reach 3.2 million tons till 2020. Yuttana said that the annual demand for compostable plastics in Thailand was only 300 tons and most of which were imported from other countries.
SCG Chemicals Company is the first company in Thailand specialized in producing compostable plastic products.
The forceful advocate of government departments will encourage the enterprises to intensify their investment in compostable plastic products so as to deal with the increased demand of the consumers.
When the consumption of compostable plastic products increases, the country will obtain a large amount of benefits; in addition, the income of farmers will be enhanced dramatically because the raw materials of compostable plastic products are sweet corn and cassava.
The director of the Thai Bioplastics Industry Association, Somsak Borrisuttanakul noted that Thai government department, PTT Group and SCG Company are cooperating with each other to conduct a testing project to produce compostable plastics.
Somsak Borrisuttanakul added that the association has proposed to the Thai government to reduce the tax on companies which produce compostable plastic products. Nevertheless, the ministry of finance has not approved this submission yet.
The demand increase in compostable plastics and engineering plastics is credited to the recovery of global economy. As the development of plastic technology, plastic products are gradually covering a wider and wider range in people's daily lives. However, plastic products have imposed pollution to the environment while they bring convenience for people. On the other hand, plastic products are renewable and if we can conduct reasonable plastic product recycling and reusing, we will be able to control its damage on environment through turning the plastic product into raw materials.

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Thai SCG Chemicals Company Has Introduced to the Market Compostable Plastics

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Thai SCG Chemicals Company Has Introduced to the Market Compostable Plastics

This article was published on 2011/06/22