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We have proverb which says that “Every coin has two sides”. This means that there are always two different sides of any particular thing that are good and bad. Anything, either it be a human nature or behavior or any object or subject, there are always good as well as bad parts of it. The same case is with the plastic bags.

Plastic bags are very important and are used widely. Due to its great containing capacity, resistance and flexibility it is used lavishly. Either it be a vegetable or fruits Stoll or a medicinal store or any grocery shop and evenly the industries every where we’ll find the plastic bags. Plastic bags can be adjusted as per the space and volume. It can attain any shape and stretched to certain extent. This property of plastic has made it more famous in the field of packaging. Plastic packaging is also getting common in every field. Either it be a courier packet or box, or a letter or any sort of liquid product plastic packaging is suitable for everything. However, certain chemicals which are reactive towards the plastic, are taken due care but for rest it is the best means of packing.

Not only the plastic bags, but also the plastic products are immensely used in day to day life. But, this was the good side of the plastic bags. The world is facing the biggest problem of plastic pollution. Plastic is non biodegradable substance. It is not getting degraded and remains into the soil for long time. It toxicants the land and also makes it barren. Many animals and children have died due to plastic bags. Many countries have taken action to reduce the use of plastic and its substituent is also provided which are eco friendly. But, still plastic bags or plastic packaging cannot be avoided. Despite of its numerous uses and benefits, it is not safe. The other products like paper bags which are Eco friendly are not able to take its place completely.

Looking to its great usage and enormous demand, recycling of plastic bags was started. This technique has reduced the pollution to certain level. Strict rules regarding the wastage of plastic bags are made. But still plastic pollution is the major issue or challenge to the world. Thus, we cannot ignore the fact that plastic is the necessary evil. But if smart actions taken they can be harmless also.

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Say yes or no to plastic

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Say yes or no to plastic

This article was published on 2011/11/17