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You may notice a problem, recently plastic has been a thinly traded stock market, there is no market price. The futures price is the million mark before the long and short standoff began heavily, some fierce battle soon. When the 909 became the main battlefield, the close today, long and short sides continue to strengthen the deployment of troops to the contracts, transactions and positions simultaneously for several days to expand. Why does the spot market business buying scarce, but the price has remained inverted state, while futures prices have no rose, but the kinetic energy in the million mark before the long-awaited, the so-called thick plot to thrive. The reason I did the following factors that a trial of long and short.

First, the demand factor. Although Financial The shadow of the crisis continues to loom over the global market, but recently we have seen signs of economic rebound. China's economic data showed the strong effect of macro-control policies are gradually. For Plastics industry Is both a challenge and an rare opportunity for development. The domestic market, future demand for plastic products mainly concentrated in the agricultural plastic products, plastic packaging products, plastic products, construction, industrial traffic and Engineering Plastics Products and other aspects.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture statistics, horticultural plastic film used for cultivation, together with ammonification film, silage film and Stretch of forage film, plastic seedling containers, shade nets, fishing nets, foam Plastic Materials, etc., each of about three million tons of plastic products.

In addition, the demand for agricultural plastic is also a great water-saving devices, water saving devices per year, such as various kinds of plastic pipes and pipe fittings, irrigation devices, nozzles, anti-seepage with the film, such as 1.7 million tons woven geotextile .

Plastic packaging As the main packaging material is inevitable. China currently uses more than 50% of cement packaging bags complex, there are mineral products, synthetic resin, salt, sugar, cotton and wool, also extensive use of plastic packaging. In addition, a small package of grain a year at least 1.1 million tons of various plastic substrates.

Food , Beverages, pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics, chemical products, the rapid development in China, their composite film, packaging film, containers, turnover containers, plastic pallets and other packaging products have great demand. There are convenience foods, dairy products, canned food, MSG, candy, cookies and other needs of millions of tons of various packaging materials. Pharmaceutical Packaging also has a vast market. Taken together, the total demand packaging materials products is about 5.5 million tons per year.

Plastic materials include Plastic Pipe Plastic windows and doors, building waterproof materials, insulation materials, decoration materials, the construction, municipal engineering, town building, and extensive use of industrial building. Plastic materials can not only replace wood, steel and other traditional materials, but also save energy and materials, protection of ecological advantages. Expected "during" plastic materials will maintain the average annual growth rate of 15%.

Engineering Plastics is the fastest growing plastics industry categories, as China's rapid economic development, its application scope and volume increase. Products in the field, including transportation, transportation of plastic, electronic, electrical, engineering plastics and other industrial information. 2010, only the demand for automotive plastics will reach 1 million tons.

Petroleum North, Qilu Petroleum, like petrochemicals, Guangzhou and Shanghai Secco Petrochemical LLDPE Chu Kujia Chart

Concern is that the external market downturn, China's exports were seriously damaged. Customs Department web site on May 11, according to customs statistics, China's exports of plastic products for a quarter of total 1.407 million tons, worth 3.03 billion U.S. dollars, respectively, than the same period in 2008 (the same below) decreased 16.5% and 7.2%. One month of March, exported 516,000 tons of plastic products, down 8.8%, worth 1.13 billion U.S. dollars, down just 0.9%. The exports are mainly characterized by:
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Plastics Market - After The Gorgeous Turned Quiet - Plastic, Pe, Pp-plastics Industry

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This article was published on 2010/12/31