Ninth China Plastics Exhibition & New-plastic Industry

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Start time: 2009-09-17 End time: 2009-09-19 Venue: Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Contact: Zhang, Ruan Contact Phone: 0576? 82531111 8,253,112,282,531,133

Sponsored by: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation PetroChina Company Limited China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastic Machine Industry Association China International Cooperation Association of SMEs in Taizhou City People's Government

Sponsor: Luqiao District People's Government

Show Content: Plastic Machinery , Auxiliary equipment and apparatus

Mold product, CNC machine tools, measuring tools and die molds Hardware Fitting

Plastic raw materials, additives, recycled plastics and engineering plastics

Plastic products and plastic parts Scale exhibition: Exhibition Area: 35,000 square meters

International standard booth: 1500 Exhibitors: 500 Visitors: 30,000 Overseas buyers: more than 30 countries Jin Qianren

Held at the same China (International) Plastic Taizhou Forum 2009 Plastic Commodity Design and Innovation Competition

Taizhou of Zhejiang in eastern China coast --- in the middle of Shanghai Economic Zone, South Wing, north of Ningbo, south of Wenzhou. Taizhou economic development, the market boom in the country competitiveness of 200 cities ranked No. 28 ranking. Taizhou Plastics industry Annual sales reached 32.87 billion; mold manufacturer, more than 2,000, with the main production equipment of more than 8,000 die sets, the annual output value of 8.75 billion yuan.

Ninth China Plastics Fair will be held on 17-19 September 2009 in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Bridge International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Founded in 2001, China Plastics Fair (referred to as "Plastic Trade Fair") in each term, from China Oil Chemical Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastic Machine Industry Association and Taizhou People's Government. "Plastic Fair" full display of plastic products, raw materials, machinery, tooling and related technologies, covering the entire plastics industry chain and distinct features, information focus, the degree of international prominence, row beginning in 2005 by the Ministry of Commerce as the only plastics industry a key support for show.

After a few years to create, China Plastics Fair has become increasingly sophisticated, brand charm radiation overseas from the United States, Russia, South Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Iran, Jordan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and other countries for foreign participation will purchase. Taiwan Plastics Industry Association of Plastic Fair future is optimistic. Although the plastic Fair exhibition began in 2001, also is the eighth year since, but the degree of plastic at the intersection of the gradual strengthening of international, plastic Fair's international influence and brand awareness has been increasing. As the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao said, China Plastics Fair Organizing Committee is working to exhibition become more influential domestic and international specialization, large-scale trade fairs, evolving as a country with global influence Power International Show!

Chinese Chinese plastic industry, plastic trading as "First Show" has begun to take body shape, its influence and the amount of information, enough for foreign businesses to enter the Chinese plastics market, understand the Chinese plastics market is a good platform. With the growing maturity of China Plastics Fair, the growing scale, it has developed into a plastic industry in China and the world of information distribution center and birthplace.

"China Plastics Trade Fair" features and the reasons for your participation:

1, hosted by the Government and contractors of the exhibition, aimed at promoting industrial development, not profit;

2, Taizhou has more than 10,000 plastic processing company, is the source of origin of Chinese plastic products and distribution center;

3, Taizhou annual consumption of up to 3 million tons of raw materials, plastic raw material consumption of land;

4, Taizhou has 2 more than 1000 companies house mold, mold-developing, the price is only about foreign similar mold 1 / 10;
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Ninth China Plastics Exhibition & New-plastic Industry

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