Glass Reinforced Plastic: Why Is It Popular And What Are Its Different Uses?

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Glass-reinforced plastic is also known in different names. It is a sort of composite material, which is manufactured with a plastic reinforced through delicate glass fibres. Normally, glass-reinforced plastic is used to manufacture sports vehicles, gliders, trucks, micro-cars, blades of wind turbines, go-karts, stadiums and auditoriums, cases and architectural aspects where light weight is essential and also bullet-proof glass. In contrast to majority of other substances, the manufacturing of glass-reinforced plastic is a segment or phase of the product manufacturing procedure. The maintenance cost of this kind of material is also quite low.

Why is glass-reinforced plastic so popular?

Glass-reinforced plastic is too strong, light in weight, sturdy and durable. The thermal insulation attributes of this material are also noteworthy. All these features make it user-friendly for a number of manufacturing industries. There are some more advantages of using glass-reinforced plastic and they have been mentioned below:

1) Reasonable and versatile

In comparison to wood, aluminum, or steel, GRP is considerably reasonable in price and outclasses them in terms of weight, protection from rust, durability and simplicity of installation. In addition, they can serve multiple industries.

2) Independence of design

The unparalleled material properties of GRP enable it to be implemented, cast, and fabricated to fulfill nearly any requirements. There are no such limitations on the form, size, coating or shade of the material. The looks and patterns can be prioritized on top of manufacturing expenses. So, innovative designers have plenty of opportunities to work with these materials.

3) Durability

The strength to weight ratio of glass-reinforced plastic is quite significant. Therefore, in spite of being light in weight, it features immense strength in comparison to other materials like sheet metal and steel. GRP is also a better choice in erosive settings and performs better than plastic, timber, or metal. It is UV resistant, can endure high temperature and is not affected by exposure to chemicals, which is not the case for stainless steel. The lifespan is also considerably higher than other materials.

4) Visual aspects

The products made of GRP are available in various finishes, grains and shades such as the brick and stone effect.

Where can you use glass reinforced plastic?

Fiber glass or GRP can be used in the areas listed below:


  • Manufacturing of sophisticated bi-cycles
  • Orthopedic casts/moulds
  • House manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of pipes
  • Making minesweeper hulls
  • Surfboards
  • Car body parts
  • Commercial velomobiles
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Wind turbine blades (commercial)
  • Helmets for recreational sports
  • Radome of Airbus 320
  • Medical equipments like RF coils for MRI scan


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Glass Reinforced Plastic: Why Is It Popular And What Are Its Different Uses?

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This article was published on 2013/06/14