Garden hose reels - Heavy Duty

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Garden hose reels are just like any product where you can find one for a cheap price and the quality will not be as good as a nice heavy duty garden hose reel. When buying a garden hose cart or reel you have two options; plastic or metal. Metal will most likely be the more durable quality of the two but you run into problems like rust, which will eventually break down the garden hose reel. You can get some heavy duty plastic garden hose carts and hose reels as well.

Heavy-Duty Metal Hose Reels

Metal hose reels and carts will be the strongest and if you buy a stainless steel unit you should be protected against corrosion and rust. Most stainless steel reels are constructed with a heavy-duty frame and can with stand up to 4000 PSI. With a professional grade heavy-duty stainless steel hose reel you will be paying more but there always are other options. Overall metal will withstand more abuse but you need to care more for them to avoid rust and other metal destroying acids. If you require it, you should be able to get a heavy duty reel that holds more hose than a plastic reel. Some of the sturdy garden hose reels are manually cranked to rewind the hose but you can also get an heavy duty automatic garden hose reel.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Hose Reels

Plastic hose reels can also be very heavy-duty and a little more cost effective than metal garden hose reels. Plastic comes in differnet grades and a top grade plastic hose cart or reel can withstand a lot of pressure and abuse. You do have to be careful of the sun because it can really wear done the plastic after a while. Heav-duty plastic hose reels do come as wall mounted or ground mounted and can hold hoses from 50 feet up to 300 feet..

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Garden hose reels - Heavy Duty

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This article was published on 2010/09/17