Fluorine Plastics Processing Lies Put Down The Cost Of Efficiency

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With Economy Development and high-tech fields of new materials containing fluorine overall performance and specific performance-higher demands, our F Plastics industry To reach the world advanced level, actively accelerate the pace of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, improve the overall matching performance and level of scientific research to the development of Fluorine plastic molding process to a new stage.

Fluorinated plastics molding processing industry in China is the development of the 60s of last century, the beginning is mainly used in the defense industry, the late 80s of last century to strengthen integration and promote the use of military and civilian work, so that fluorine plastics molding industry rapidly development. At present, China has basically mastered the main fluorine plastic molding techniques such as molding, extrusion molding, rotational molding, blow molding and painting and other molding methods, its products are widely used in various fields.

With traditional PE (Polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) different fluorine plastics with excellent electrical performance. Perfluorinated plastic insulation performance is not only more prominent, and in a wide temperature range and frequency range, dielectric strength, dielectric constant (2.1 ~ 2.3), volume resistivity and surface resistivity of good, and until the glass transition temperature are not subject to temperature; their low moisture absorption, dielectric little affected by humidity; electrical properties of perfluorinated plastic does not change over time; almost all of plastic perfluorinated chemicals and solvents were inert, even at high temperature and pressure can maintain their excellent performance. Fluorine plastics in wire and cable which plays an important role.

Compared with the solid core wire, FEP (fluorinated ethylene polymer) foam wire addition to light weight, the dielectric constant lower than the solid core wire, while speeds faster than the solid core, they do cable insulation with layer is beneficial to improve the network lifetime. With the accelerated urbanization process in China, more high-rise buildings, fire wire and cable people to enhance understanding of all areas of fire safety requirements on the cable more and more. As the fluorine plastics have excellent thermal stability, low loss, low flammability, high temperature at the same time and must fire the high-frequency data transmission cable to do most of all-fluoropolymer insulation, and an outer sheath. Now, with fluorine plastic insulation material made of 5 classes and 6 digital Communicate Cable has been used to build high-rise buildings, high-speed local area network (LAN) 100Mb / s ~ 1000Mb / s cabling system, rapid and accurate transmission of voice, video and data. At the same time have a low dielectric constant of perfluorinated plastic and a special low dissipation factor, also particularly suitable for applications requiring a low attenuation of data transmission cables. Because of perfluorinated plastic

excellent electrical performance, with the rapid development of the international communications industry, fluorine plastic production is increasing rapidly. In order to adapt to new market demands, the fluorine plastics processing equipment and technology are also correspondingly rapid development, mainly in the technical aspects of productivity. At present, foreign countries have high-speed extrusion and high-speed extrusion installations, and the corresponding development of the molding with excellent stability and suitable for high-speed molding FEP resin. In addition to raw materials, the key is to develop high-speed extrusion equipment, including Extruder Die, fast traction device, shaped, measuring diameter and winding devices. High-speed extrusion can reduce product cost, very competitive in the market.

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Fluorine Plastics Processing Lies Put Down The Cost Of Efficiency

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This article was published on 2010/09/30