Degradable Plastic Products Were Not New National Standard Inhibition

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"General requirements for plastic disposable tableware" launched a new national standard, the AQSIQ said that long-term is not recognized disposable plastic lunch boxes and other non-degradable tableware will have legal status. Then, after the implementation of the national standard, the emerging biodegradable plastics industry will be restrained? As the standard of the main drafters of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Weng Yunxuan biodegradable plastic that degradable plastics in China is in Chinese and try to promote the use of the benign stage of development, introduced the subject of degradable plastic products in terms of not only suppressed the promotion.

"White pollution" was once rampant in our country seriously, disposable plastic lunch boxes and other plastic products are considered the culprit. To this end, in 1999, the former State Economic and Trade Decree No. 6 issued the "elimination of backward production capacity, processes and products directory" (the first) to require the end of 2000 across the country out of foam plastic disposable tableware, and want promote the production of biodegradable tableware, use and sales. The next two or three years time, the relevant state ministries and throughout the country have issued a "no-Bering" a deadline out of disposable plastic foam food containers, promote the use of environmentally friendly type of product. In the meantime, AQSIQ issued a complete "one-off biodegradable tableware general technical conditions" (GB18006.1-1999 ", designed to regulate the biodegradable plastic products market.

But it is understood, as compared with ordinary plastic products, biodegradable plastic products prices too high, the domestic limited disposable plastic lunch boxes and other plastic products market, and not to the rapid development of degradable plastic products to bring more business opportunities. At the same time, the state law, the disposable plastic foam lunch boxes, and some low-grade non-toxic plastic foam lunch boxes are still in the market sales, is difficult to extinction. Proved, if only biodegradable plastic meal boxes thriving, not able to meet the needs of strong consumer market.

It is understood that in 1999 established "one-off biodegradable tableware general technical conditions", at the time based on industries and products, its scope is to determine the biodegradable disposable tableware, and disposable degradable tableware into light? biodegradable, molded pulp, cardboard, film, plant fiber and edible powder molding 5 types. Weng Yunxuan that the scope and classification methods, with the requirements of production and technological progress and changes in use, no longer meet the current needs of the market for disposable tableware technical requirements, and because the standard name of the only biodegradable tableware, not applicable the traditional non-degradable plastic tableware, the standard appears to lag.

Wengyun Xuan said, the current domestic market, most are still non-degradable plastic disposable tableware made of. But he also said that after years of development of degradable plastics, is now gradually being accepted, is in the Central and try to promote the application stage. It is reported, taking into account the input of previous years and depreciation of fixed assets and other factors, the current number of degradable plastic products have achieved a certain production companies, and about 20% of the enterprises to obtain a larger profit, it is worthy results. Gorgeous reporter from Wuhan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was informed that, as biodegradable plastics and bio-products manufacturer, the company won the USA and Germany with 13.5 million U.S. dollars of capital investment companies in venture capital, investors believe that China's development of the urgency of degradable plastics industry more strongly than in other countries, the Chinese market prospects are bright.

It is understood that the implementation of plastic disposable tableware new national standard primary emphasis of plastic disposable tableware in the safety and health performance and performance, followed by the performance of biodegradable plastics. Health and safety performance standards for the mandatory projects, performance, physical and mechanical properties and degradation of the recommended projects. Wengyun Xuan that because one-off tableware is difficult to recycle, after its use was mostly landfill, incineration and other treatment, so starting from protecting the environment, the standard requires that if the product is declared to be degraded, the degradation of biodegradable properties should be reached requirements. It is reported that the standard set forth in the biological decomposition of performance, it is hoped that the degradable plastics industry conditions are ripe, disposable tableware can be difficult to recover gradually with biodegradable plastic, biodegradable plastic products to the long-term development of planted "foreshadowing."

Secretary from the National Development and Reform Commission climate that in recent years, China actively promote resource use reduction, reuse, recycling, only in 2008 to 16 million tons of plastic recycling, waste plastic recycling good prospects.
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Degradable Plastic Products Were Not New National Standard Inhibition

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This article was published on 2011/01/19