Compound plasticizers application of the mud - plasticizer, mud material - plastics industry

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With the development of ceramic technology and product structure adjustment, high-grade plastic raw materials more and more poor, barren increasing proportion of raw materials. Although production has been basically put in place processes and technologies, but mud plasticity poor, semi-low impact of ceramic production has become a major technical obstacles. Especially for large products, plastic molding, the problem is more prominent. For example, the bone is CaO? Al2O3? P2O5? SiO2 system, its physical and chemical basis into the porcelain is Ca2 (PO4) 2-SiO2-Ca [Al2Si2O8] The picture shows the basis of ternary phase (Figure 1), The composition of ternary eutectic melting point generally located near the E. This may limit the scope of the ratio of raw materials (mass%): bone meal, 40 to 50, feldspar, quartz accounted for 20 to 30. Formula up to 60 to 80 of barren material, resulting in poor soil plastic material, the appropriate formula in the plastic clay content increasing, and strictly control the fineness of raw materials for the improvement of the plastic bone cement is entirely feasible, but only by the plasticized level or limited. Measures to mud by a lot of plastic, add the appropriate Plasticizer To solve this problem the most effective method.

Figure 1 the application of plasticizer in the mud compound

1 Function and Mechanism of plasticizer

Barren mud reason does not have the plasticity, mainly due to the particles themselves can not be hydrated, but not as thick layer of clay particles as the hydration membrane and adsorption layer, its particle size distribution is difficult to create enough capillary suction to meet the requirements of plasticity; under the mechanism of ceramic clay materials of plastics, plasticizer mainly by means of its own structural characteristics of particles on the barren adsorption and hydration; improved by adjusting the yield value of mud and extension to achieve deformation amount of plasticized mud. So how to choose and use these mechanisms to plasticizer? The first thing that they are hydrophilic, is also polar, so this molecule in aqueous solution can generate membrane hydration. Active role through the surface, a polymer membrane with hydration barren particles adsorbed to the surface. This mud particles in a thick layer of hydration around the existing membrane, another layer of highly viscous polymer. While the linear elements of this twist in the effect of membrane hydration, loose particles can bond together, confer mud rheological properties, to achieve the increase in plastic, to improve the role of green strength. In general, plasticizers and process of the microstructure is difficult to detect, and its solution is readily available parameters. This solution can be analyzed by testing the macro feature and its mud plastic parameters, to predict the estimated function and the role of plasticizer effect. The following material on the bone cement plasticizer results, analysis of plasticizer viscosity, surface tension and hydration volume of the sludge yield value and the extension of the Influence of deformation, for the correct selection and use of plasticizers to provide reference .

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Compound plasticizers application of the mud - plasticizer, mud material - plastics industry

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Compound plasticizers application of the mud - plasticizer, mud material - plastics industry

This article was published on 2010/10/08